WeatherWall Mobile Update 1.1

The much anticipated update to WeatherWall Mobile is now live in the App Store! This update brings many more dual-polarization radars into the app with the total now standing at 11 across the United States. Performance has been improved across all devices! A black map background option has been added as requested! Topography is now color shaded for a more realistic representation! Radar scan time can now be displayed absolutely or relatively! Plus many other additional features!

New products:
High Res VIL
Storm Total Accumulation

Feature Additions:
Map can now have a black or gray background.
Topography is now colored instead of monochromatic.
Radar reflectivity can now be used to contour, grayscale or mask other products.
Time displayed can either be relative to product or absolute time.
The radar range ring can now be turned on or off.
Find my location no longer adjusts zoom level.
Displayed cities no longer overlap, major and more populated cities are shown first.

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