WeatherWall Mobile 1.7 Released

WeatherWall Mobile 1.7 is now live in the App Store! This version comes complete with SPC Day 1 risks, severe thunderstorm & tornado warnings, color coded radars (blue for supports Dual-Pol, white for non Dual-Pol).

Additionally there are two new products, hydrometeor classification and azimuthal shear. Hydrometeor classification is useful for determining what types of hydrometeors (rain drops, large rain drops, hail) are present in the storm at the altitude of the radar beam, not the surface.

Azimuthal shear is useful for determining if there is rotation in a storm. Red areas indicate cyclonic rotation while blue areas indicate anti-cyclonic rotation. Compare base velocity and azimuthal shear for a tornado case:

Finally, a purely cosmetic change, the app features a new icon:

Grab the update now! As always, it is available in the app store.

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